• A Look at the Benefits of PTFE Membranes

    Regardless of the nature of your task or project, it is important that your equipment works efficiently and reliably. Fortunately PTFE membranes can help to ensure that you get the most out of your industrial air compressor in San Jose. It is also helpful and environmentally responsible to do your best to conserve energy when working with compressors, and PTFE membranes can help in that respect as well. These membranes can keep your equipment and your job running smoothly. Read on if you would like to take a closer look at these benefits of PTFE membranes.

    Energy Savings and Efficiency
    As society becomes more and more conscious of the impact that it has on the environment, it finds new ways to Industry Air Compressor in San Jose promote energy efficiency. Industries like wastewater treatment are now implementing equipment like PTFE membranes in order to reduce their carbon footprints and save money in the process. Wastewater treatment plants specifically use PTFE membranes to ensure that the air on tank floors is distributed evenly. Other membranes and seals are more inclined to lose their shape over time, which complicates the process and reduces the overall efficiency of the project. Fortunately PTFE membranes are known to hold their shape for a longer period of time, boosting efficiency to a significant degree.

    Enhanced Productivity
    Old, misshapen, and malfunctioning membranes must be replaced. Unfortunately, many plants use tens of thousands of seals and diffusers, making this a timely task. This is where PTFE membranes shine; since they are better able to retain their original shape and boost efficiency rather than deplete it, they do not need to be changed or replaced as frequently. This allows you to keep your business up and running and focus on moving full steam ahead.

    Resistant to Water, Heat, and Wind
    One of the reasons PTFE membranes are able to keep their shape while other seals and membranes become deformed is their resistance to potentially damaging elements like water, heat, and wind. Hydrophobic PTFE membranes enjoy long working lives because they continue to allow only the appropriate particles to pass through and do not easily deform.

  • The Steps of Adjusting Your Pressure Switch

    When you are using an electric air compressor, you may need to adjust your pressure switch. While some industrial air compressors have adjustable switches, others do not. If your rotary air compressor has a screw or nut on its pressure switch, you will be able to adjust your pressure settings. By moving the screw to the right or left, you can dial in the precise amount of pressure that is put out by your system. To learn more about operating industrial air compressors , be sure to get in touch with a company offering air compressor parts near San Jose. For a closer look at the steps of adjusting your compressor’s pressure switch, check out this video from Master Tool Repair.

  • What Are the Different Types of Cooling Systems?

    When industrial air compressors are in operation, their internal components can create a considerable amount of heat. To ensure that your air compressors are working at a cool and efficient level, you may want to shop for cooling systems at a showroom specializing in air compressor parts near San Jose . By replacing the cooling system on your air compressor, you will be able to keep your quiet air compressor running at peak efficiency at all times. With several different types of cooling systems to choose from, you will need to do your research before you head to the store offering air compressor repair parts. Read on for a quick tour of some of the primary types of cooling systems for air compressors.

    Liquid to Liquid Cooling
    Liquid to liquid cooling is among the most basic types of air compressor cooling systems . With liquid to liquid cooling, you will use a coolant that is already available at your plant to cool your compressors. Since compressors require specific types of cooling liquids, you will use a heat exchanger to transfer heat between your primary cooling liquid to a secondary coolant, such as glycol, that can be safely used in your compressor.

    Closed Loop Dry Cooling
    Another cooling option for your compressor is closed loop dry cooling. This type of air compressor cooling system is similar to the radiator that is found in an automobile. Using air-cooled liquid, a closed loop dry cooling system is able to cool off your air compressor. As the liquid is delivered through a series of coils, it will transfer heat safely away from your air compressor’s working parts.

    Open Loop Evaporative Cooling
    A final option for your air compressor cooling needs is an open loop evaporative cooling system. Unlike closed loop dry cooling, which takes place inside a series of coils, an open loop evaporative cooling system cools the compressor using a combination of fresh water and moving air. As a fan blows air across the water, the liquid will naturally cool off the compressor.

  • Top Reasons to Use a Portable Air Compressor

    While industrial air compressors are typically permanently installed in place, a portable air compressor may be ideal for home use. When you shop for a portable air compressor, you will be able to select a quiet and small air compressor that can easily be set up in your garage, driveway, or workshop. Since these compressors are very lightweight and easy to transport, you can also bring your air compressor with you to different job sites or on longer trips. A shop offering air compressors near San Jose can help you select the perfect portable air compressor for your tasks. Here is a look at some of the top reasons to use a portable air compressor. Reasons to Use a Portable Air Compressor in San Jose

    Inflate Your Tires
    Your car’s tires are among its most important components. As the only point of contact between your car and the pavement, a flat tire can cause a serious roadside emergency. To help keep your tires in perfect driving shape, you may want to use your portable air compressor to make sure that your tires are inflated to the factory’s recommended level.

    Perform Household Tasks
    Along with keeping your tires inflated, your portable air compressor can also help you perform a variety of household tasks. For example, a portable air compressor can be hooked up to many different air tools. From powering an air-powered nail gun to set up an air-powered screwdriver, your compressor will become an invaluable part of your odd jobs around the house.

    Achieve Greater Efficiency at Work
    If you work in the construction or contracting industries, you may want to consider investing in a portable air compressor. With a portable compressor, you will be able to easily bring your compressor with you as you travel from job site to job site. Using your compressor, you will be able to hammer nails, insert screws, and perform a variety of important tasks with greater efficiency.

  • A Look at Quiet Air Compressors

    When you are operating an air compressor in a residential or medical setting, it may be important to choose a quiet air compressor. While many industrial air compressors can be very loud when they are in operation, a quiet air compressor will provide you with efficient operation with very little volume. Overall, many quiet air compressors are equipped with noise dampening technology that will ensure that their noise ratings do not exceed 75 decibels. By comparison, the average human conversation is at 60 decibels. By equipping your workshop or lab with one of these air compressors, you can rest assured that your employees are comfortable as they work, and that they do not suffer from hearing loss as a result of air compressor operation. To learn more about the portable and quiet air compressors that are available to you, be sure to visit a highly rated showroom offering air compressors for sale in San Jose.

  • High Speed Bearing Technology: Bearings and Applications

    If you work in an industry that requires that your industrial air compressors operate at very high speeds, you may want to consider purchasing air compressor repair parts that are suited to this type of applications. For example, high speed bearings are among the air compressor parts that can be used to help you maximize the productivity and efficiency of your air compressor. By shopping for air compressor parts near San Jose , you will be able to choose the best bearings for your specific air compressor set up. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages that high speed bearing technology has to offer you.

    Airfoil Bearings
    Airfoil bearings are among the first high speed bearings that were available for industrial use. The first airfoil bearings were invented in the 1960s by a company called Garrett AiResearch. After the introduction of the airfoil bearing, many notable companies began using this type of bearing in their compressors. Some of the advantages of the airfoil bearing include increased dampening, improved anti-friction, and a simpler mechanical operation.

    Magnetic Bearings
    The first instances of magnetic bearings predate airfoil bearings by almost six decades. Magnetic bearings were initially introduced for use in the science and medial fields, as researchers and molecular biologists used magnetic bearings to create high powered centrifuges. Over the decades, magnetic bearings have also become popular for use in a variety of other prevalent industries, such as the oil and gas industry. Today’s magnetic bearings are more responsive and stable than ever before.

    The Benefits of High Speed Bearing Technology
    Whether you choose airfoil bearings or magnetic bearings, the benefits of making the switch to high speed bearing technology are numerous. For example, high speed bearings will provide you with greater control and precision over your operations. In addition, these mechanically simple mechanisms will help prevent accidental failure in your assembly. Your air compressor specialist can answer your questions about choosing the right bearings for your operation.