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Rotary Screw Air Compressors in San Francisco

Lubricated fixed and variable speed rotary screw air compressors are extremely useful products for manufacturing companies around the United States. Unlike standard piston compressors, the compression of air in a rotary screw air compressor is done in one continuous motion, allowing for a smoother, more regular flow of pressurized air. This motion is achieved by two screws (one male rotor and one female rotor), which can either be flooded with lubricating oil or completely oil-free, depending on the type of compressor.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Business!

Rotary screw air compressors are especially valuable for heavy industrial use, as they can provide large amounts of compressed air day and night without having to take a break. Often, diesel-powered rotary screw units can be found at construction sites for use with heavy-duty air-powered equipment (e.g. pneumatic jackhammers).

In general, air compressor units can range in size and offer airflow rates ranging from ten to thousands of cubic feet per minute. When sized correctly, screw air compressors like those from D & D Compressor, Inc. can be some of the most effective and energy-efficient products on the market today.

Our Manufacturers

We carry high-quality lubricated rotary air compressors from a variety of manufacturers, including the following:


A Germany-based manufacturer of rotary air compressors for a variety of uses.


With more than 95 years' experience in designing and manufacturing compressed air systems, Champion knows and understands the application of their products in many different operating environments.

Chicago Pneumatic

A well-known Chicago manufacturer with decades of experience developing cutting-edge air compressors, power tools and construction equipment.

FS Curtis

A world-class manufacturer of industrial air compressors with a history longer than a century and a half. FS Curtis compressors are known for their fine quality and rugged durability.

Palatek (aka Sullivan-Palatek)

A leader in compressor design innovation and provider of the widest selection of portable rotary screw and electric air compressors. Recipient of three consecutive Pillar of Industry awards from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.


The original, Italy-based manufacturer behind the rotary vane compressor design. Mattei continues to strive for innovative new compression solutions.


Since 1915, Saylor-Beall has manufactured industrial quality, two-stage air compressors at their St. Johns, MI plant. Saylor-Beall has earned a reputation for quality, durability, and having an experienced staff.

Contact D & D Compressor, Inc.

From massive manufacturing companies to auto body shops, these air compressors can be very cost-effective and help a variety of businesses to increase their efficiency. Call our San Francisco Bay area office today at 408-947-0491 or 888-400-8768. You can learn how our lubricated rotary screw air compressor products can increase productivity for your business. We also offer air compressor repairs, maintenance, rentals, and sales for all our products.

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