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Screw Compressors in San Jose, CA at a Great Price

If you’re looking for screw compressors in San Jose, CA for a great price, look no further. D & D Compressor, Inc. has depended on top manufacturers like Chicago Pneumatic to provide top-quality equipment that is better, faster, and more dependable than the competition. They are fully equipped with screw compressors that will provide a compact, innovative, and energy-efficient way to meet all your compressed air needs. These air compressors are designed to be highly portable, so no matter where your job takes you, Chicago Pneumatic’s screw compressors can follow.

What Are Rotary Screw Compressors?

Screw compressors are a specialized type of compressor that uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism. These compressors are typically used to replace piston compressors due to a screw compressor’s ability to create large volumes of high-pressure air. They work efficiently for larger industrial purposes or for operating high-power air tools, such as grinders and impact wrenches. Screw compressors can run 24/7, 365 days a year without any problems. Due to their rotors’ continuous sweeping motion, screw compressors deliver minimal pulsation or surging of airflow. This makes screw compressors capable of producing fewer vibrations or sounds. When you require constant demand for air, screw compressors are the way to go.

How Screw Compressors Work: Two Rotors to Compress Air

The basic principle of screw compressors is that they have two rotors (helical screws) to compress air. These two rotors are described as “male” and “female,” and fit together like a puzzle piece despite being two different shapes. When the two rotors begin rotating in opposite directions, the air is drawn in and “trapped” between the male and female parts. Since the rotors are continuously spinning, the air is forced to one side (the “pressure side”) where new air is sucked in.

There are two types of screw compressors available. Though the outcome is the same for both machines, they are designed quite differently when it comes to the part where the actual compression takes place. These two types are:


This version is the most commonly used screw compressor and requires oil to operate correctly. 99.9% of the oil remains inside the compressor, though there will always be a little oil that is carried over to the compressed air during operation. As a result, this type of screw compressor is unable to produce oil-free air, which typically isn’t an issue unless you require oil-free air.


This screw compressor delivers pure air. Since this air compressor is oil-free, it cannot cool the compressed air, elements, and rotors with oil. Oil-free screw compressors have two compression elements that work to cool and further compress the required air. The stages are designed to work in perfect harmony with one another.

Screw compressors usually do not contain valves and do not contain any sort of mechanical force that would cause an imbalance. This makes them capable of working at high speeds combined with significant flow rates that can all be confined within a very small exterior. Screw compressors are the most widely used air compressor model and tote very low-energy consumption rates.

Choosing the Right Speed Drive for Your Screw Compressor

There are speed drive options for your screw compressor: fixed speed drive and variable speed drive. To break it down, a fixed speed drive delivers consistent frequency and voltage to the motor. This means that when air demand is lower, the efficiency is also lower due to the frequency and voltage that is not being used to full capacity. Fixed speed drive screw compressors are useful if you require constant airflow. On the other hand, variable speed drive fluctuates the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. This allows the speed of the motor to be efficiently controlled with the demand for air at any given point in time. Variable speed drive screw compressors work to minimize energy consumption by automatically adjusting speed to match air demand.

Screw Compressors From D & D Compressor’s Top Manufacturers

At D & D Compressor, Inc., we offer Chicago Pneumatic screw compressors to provide our San Jose-area clients with a cost-effective solution to all their air needs. Their product range of screw compressors is extensive, and you will be able to find a variety of energy-efficient air compressors with high-quality components. Chicago Pneumatic’s screw air compressors are of a high standard to ensure low maintenance costs and a long lifespan. When you require screw compressor services in the San Jose, CA area, trust D&D Compression Inc. to offer our top manufacturers to ensure you receive the most innovative, reliable, and energy-efficient options. Give us a call today at 408-947-0491 to find out more about the screw compressors we offer.

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