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New Vacuum Pump Styles in San Jose, CA

If you work with glass or metal in your shop, you may want to consider purchasing a vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps can be used to efficiently and effectively clear away debris, such as wood or glass particles. When you are shopping for a new vacuum pump, you will have several different models to choose from. Among the most popular vacuum pump styles are rotary vane and liquid vane pumps. A liquid vane vacuum pump uses a liquid sealant to generate a powerful vacuum. Depending on your preferences, you can also select a vacuum pump that contains oil, or one that is oil-free. Some of the most trusted vacuum pump brands include Becker, Powerex, and Travaini. A vacuum pump from any of these brands will be a powerful and versatile addition to your workplace. A store offering vacuum pumps and industrial air compressors in San Jose can help you select a high-quality pump.