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What Is a Portable Air Compressor and How Does It Work?

A portable air compressor is a relatively small, easily moved and transported air compression unit ideal for a variety of home and commercial uses. Most often, portable units use a piston compression design. While these smaller, lighter units may not be enough for industrial jobs requiring a great deal of compressed air, they are still sufficiently powerful for use in DIY projects and certain commercial jobs. Portable air compressors can often be found in home workshops, garages, and other places where only a limited amount of power is required.

Selecting an Appropriate Air Compressor

If you’re looking for a portable air compressor but aren’t certain how to choose the best product for your needs, consider first and foremost what you’ll be using it for. How much air will your tools require? What level of continuous pressure is needed to operate them? What kind of environment will you be working in, and what kind of resources will you have? The answers to these questions can help inform the tank capacity, pressure rating, horsepower and fuel type you’ll want to seek in a portable compressor.

Find High-Quality Portable Air Compressors at D&D Compressor Inc.

At D&D Compressor Inc., we carry two convenient models of Chicago Pneumatic portable compressors: the CPS 90 and CPS 185. These will provide you with compressed air between 88 cfm and 187 cfm at a working pressure of 102 psi (7 bar). Powered by a Kubota or Deutz engine, this range of portable compressors are generally used to drive various types of pneumatic tools. The Chicago Pneumatic MiniSkid series of compressors are designed to be mounted on work trucks and utility trailers. These compressors are powered by Cummins diesel engines and range from 100 cfm to 185 cfm.

If you need a high-quality air compressor but don’t need the industrial level of power provided by a larger, more stationary unit, consider purchasing a portable Chicago Pneumatic compressor from D&D Compressor Inc. Reach out to us today at (408) 947-0491 or (800) 969-0491 for more information about our service and maintenance, manufacturers, sales and rentals! We serve the San Jose and Bay Area.

Portable Air Compressors in San Jose

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