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Operating Fluid in San Jose, CA

Your vacuum pump needs the most chemically stable operating fluid that works for pumping the specific application of your vacuum pump. Using the correct operating fluid can extend the life of your pump and prevent dangerous accidents from occurring. While mineral oils can work for basic applications like pumping air or inert gases and water vapor, other types of operating fluids should be used for higher temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and media with an oxygen content exceeding 21%. If you want to ensure you’re using the correct operating fluid for your pump in San Jose, CA, call us at D & D Compressor, Inc. today.

Operating Fluid for Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary vane pumps can function efficiently and safely with a variety of different types of the operating fluid. The three most common types of operating fluid or vacuum oils for rotary vane pumps are:

Mineral oil

this type of pump operating fluid is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oil that is adequate for a wide variety of applications. You can also add oil with an anti-emulsifier to reduce the likelihood or risk of vapors condensing in the pump. You can also use mineral oil that is double distilled to reduce the risk of oil backflow. Mineral oil is resistant to corrosive gases and ionizing plasma.

Perfluoropolyether (PFPE)

PFPE operating fluid is the most chemically stable operating fluid for a vacuum pump. It can be used for pumping oxygen, ozone, halogens, organic and inorganic solvents, HCL, BF3, HF, PO3, and fluorine.


these lubricants are meant for temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius, and are resistant to corrosive media like low concentrations of solvents.

Air Compressor Engine Oil Machine in San Jose

Air Compressor Engine Oil

Air compressors require a specific type and grade of oil to ensure optimal performance. When you use the right oil for your air compressor, you can extend the life of the air compressor, prevent corrosion or breakdowns, improve its efficiency, and reduce your maintenance costs. Air compressor oil also prevents general wear and tear on your air compressor. Air compressor oil comes in two different types: natural and synthetic. It varies in viscosity level and also in the additives it may contain. If you can’t use an oil specifically meant for an air compressor, you can also use some alternative forms of lubricant, such as hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid, and motor oil.

Types of Fluid for Vacuum Pumps

The type of fluid you use for your vacuum pump depends on the type of pump and its intended purpose. If your fluid is too viscous, the pump’s flow will be restricted and the machine will experience lubricant starvation. If the fluid is too thin, it won’t create adequate lubrication or seal, causing a loss of efficiency. Your lubricant’s primary functions are to cool, control contamination, reduce friction, and create a fluid seal. If your fluid meets all those criteria, your pump will have a longer lifespan and operate more efficiently. The main types of fluid for vacuum pumps are:


  • Polyalphaolefin (PAO) – A popular option for synthetic oil. It has exceptional high and low-temperature performance, thermal stability, good compatibility with mineral oils and synthetics, and good oxidation.
  • Esters – This includes diesters and POEs, which are synthetic oils that are more thermally stable and used in applications where higher temperatures are present. They have high polarity, which prevents varnish or sludge buildup. They also act as a natural detergent.
  • Semi-synthetics – a combination of synthetic base stock and petroleum/mineral oil. You can blend a variety of semi-synthetics to create the perfect fluid for your needs.

Our Other Services

We provide a high-quality operating fluid and air compressor oil in San Jose, CA, as well as the following other services:


  • Repairs & MaintenanceWe offer repairs and routine maintenance of air compressors, vacuum pumps, accessories and parts.
  • CompressorsWe specialize in oilless air compressors, rotary screw air compressors, reciprocating air compressors, climate control air compressors, portable air compressors, food manufacturing air compressors, and cleanroom air compressors.
  • Vacuum PumpsWe sell rotary vane vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, oil-free vacuum pumps, and medical vacuum systems.
  • RentalsWe offer short and long-term rentals of industry equipment.
  • Other Products – We also deal in dryers and filtration equipment, oil/water separators, and generators.

Contact D & D Compressor, Inc. for Operating Fluid

If you need operating fluid or air compressor engine oil in San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, come see us at D & D Compressor. We can ensure you’re using the right lubricant or oil for your equipment so that it operates at its highest performance level. We can also help you prevent wear and tear and maintenance issues, so your equipment remains efficient and functional for years. To learn more, call us today or contact us online.

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