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Sullivan-Palatek, Inc. Products in San Jose, CA

Sullivan-Palatek, Inc. offers a wide array of energy-saving components for complex air systems, primarily rotary screw air compressors in the range of 108 MM 321 MM. Founded in 1984, Sullivan-Palatek, Inc. has gone on to become a leader in the air compressor technology industry, receiving the Pillar of the Industry award from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers for three years in a row. Sullivan-Palatek, Inc. also specializes in training, engineering support, and customer service for the operation of air compressor systems in the Bay Area.

The company’s major products include industrial electric air compressors, portable diesel air compressors, refrigerated and regenerative air dryers, air filters, and other products such as airflow controllers and OEM air ends. Since 2008, the company has used its manufacturing facility to produce a number of other important products for air compression, including air dryers, oil/water separators, and air ends.

Sullivan-Palatek Products

  • Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressors
    • AA Series
    • C Series
    • CDD Series
    • D Series
    • DG Series
    • UD Series
    • SP16 Series
    • SP20 Series
    • SP32 Series
    • Variable Frequency Drive
    • Line Shaft
  • Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • Air Receivers
  • Portable Air Compressors
    • Wheel Mount
    • Utility Mount
    • Offshore
  • Air Dryers
    • High-Temperature Dryers
    • Refrigerated Air Dryers
    • Cycling Dryers
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • Inline Particulate and Oil Removal Filters
    • Particulate
    • Coalescer
    • Activated Carbon
  • Oil/Water Separators
    • Condensate Remediation Paks

24/7 Emergency Services Available