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What to Know About Screw Pumps in San Jose, CA

A screw pump is a positive displacement pump that uses two or more intermeshing screws that pressurize fluids and move them throughout a system. As the screws take in fluid, they push it out from the other side, causing an increase in pressure. Screw pumps are part of a family of dry compressing gas transfer pumps. They are typically used in industrial vacuum applications, and often in combination with root blowers and oil-free roughing pumps used in high to ultra-high vacuum systems. At D&D Compressor, Inc., we sell and rent quality, reliable industrial air compressors, vacuum pumps, vacuum screw pumps, and hydraulic screw pumps. We can help you determine which type of screw pump in San Jose, CA best meets your needs.

How Screw Pumps Work

Screw pumps operate by using two screws that rotate counter to each other. They are precisely engineered to rotate towards each other to trap gas in the spaces between the screws. While the screws rotate, the volume of trapped gas decreases. This compresses the gas and moves it toward the exhaust mechanism.

Applications of Screw Pumps

Screw pumps can provide high flow rates in viscous liquids, making them ideal for fuel transfer, elevators, and many other industrial applications. Single screw pumps can be used for simple water movement like sewage inlet pumps, storm water pumping, drainage pumping, and moving industrial wastewater.

Types of Screw Pumps

There are four types of screw pumps; however, only two are most used today throughout industries and across applications: the double screw pump and the three-screw pump. The other two have limited capabilities and applications.

  • Double screw pump: This operates using two intermeshing screws and is often equipped with timing gears outside the pump’s chamber to ensure the correct rotation of the screw. Screws need not be in direct contact with each other, which extends the life of the pump.
  • Three screw pumps: This uses one driving screw intermeshed with two other screws to move liquid and create pressure. The screws come in contact with each other, so the pump is limited to only handling clean liquids.
  • Three spindle screw pumps: This is used in offshore and marine industries to move high-pressure viscous fluids. It operates via three screws rotating in opposite directions, which direct the liquid forward through a closed chamber along the spindles of the screws. These can also transport viscous fluids with lubricating properties across a variety of applications including boosting, burners, circulating, fuel-injection, lubrication, oil hydraulics, and others.
  • Single screw pump: This uses only one screw and has limited capabilities, primarily simple water movement.

Key Advantages of Using Screw Pumps

Using screw pumps gives you the ability to provide a high flow rate of positive displacement, making them perfect for industries that use hard to move liquids and need to move them as quickly as possible. This includes oil and gas applications and other industries that move fuels, oils, and high viscosity liquids. Other advantages include:

  • They are highly robust
  • They have a high tolerance for water vapor and dust particles
  • They are scalable to customer requirements
  • They offer high pumping speeds
  • There is no cross contamination
  • They have frictionless rotation, meaning limited wear and tear
  • They are highly efficient
  • They offer low operating costs and maintenance

The Disadvantages of Screw Pumps

There are also disadvantages of using screw pumps in certain applications:

  • The need to use a gas ballast to pump lighter gasses
  • Lower ultimate pressure and lower pumping speed for lighter gasses
  • Cannot be scaled down to pumping speeds below 50m³/h; below approx. 100 m³/h multistage roots or scroll pumps are used

What Type of Screw Pump in San Jose, CA Do You Need?

At D&D Compressor, Inc., we can help you determine exactly what type of screw pump in San Jose, CA you need for your purpose, products, techniques, and needs. For 40 years, we have been the leading expert in San Jose for compressors, vacuum pumps, and vacuum screw pumps, and we specialize in sales, rentals, parts, service, repairs, and routine maintenance. Whether you need help with a special project, need quality equipment at a reliable price, or need repair or maintenance for your equipment, you can contact us online.