• Why Your Facility Needs a Customized Compressor Maintenance Plan

    For some companies, air compressors are among the most critical and important of all industrial equipment. That’s why you need a compressor maintenance plan, to make sure your compressed air system continues to work as you need it, when you need it most. However, cut-and-paste maintenance plans don’t take into consideration all the variables that […]

  • How Hospitals Run on Compressed Air

    Unless you are work in hospital maintenance, you might never guess the extent to which hospitals rely on compressed air. These air systems are imperative for a large number of critical end uses, so much so that any problems with the delivery or quality of compressed air in a hospital can jeopardize patient health and […]

  • Compressed Air Energy Savings

    Factories consume approximately 40% of all available energy, and the demands are increasing. Compressed air is responsible for a large share of a factory’s energy consumption, so it makes sense to identify leaks that could be wasting energy—not to mention driving your operating expenses through the roof unnecessarily. Watch this video to learn more about […]

  • Food Processing, Compressed Air, and Safety

    Health and safety issues are a big deal in the food industry, and for good reason. Contaminated food products can endanger consumers and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation. Although compressed air is widely used in the food industry, particularly in the packaging and bottling of food, it can be overlooked as a health […]

  • What are Nitrogen Generators?

    Nitrogen generators are largely used today to inflate automotive tires with nitrogen, but they weren’t initially designed for use in the automotive industry. They were originally designed for use in laboratory and clean room environments, but as more and more uses for nitrogen have been found the variety of applications have greatly expanded. In addition […]

  • Testing Compressed Air in Food Plants

    Preventative food safety has become a major issue in around the world. More and more countries, including the United States, are taking aim at improving the knowledge of risk factors and preventative practices in order to protect consumers and food manufacturers alike. One area that food plants are starting to focus on more than ever […]

  • Behind the Scenes of Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

    Fewer and fewer products come in glass packaging these days, which in part explains the boom in plastic manufacturing. Plastic just makes sense for consumers, and manufacturers. It’s lighter, nearly indestructible, and easily recyclable. Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how plastic bottles and jars are made. If you’re in the business […]

  • What is a Compressed Air Audit?

    Depending on your industry and the size of your company, compressed air costs can be among your biggest operational expenses. In addition to the energy costs associated with the production and delivery of compressed air, there are external costs related to the efficiency and productivity of your compressed air system. Fortunately, a compressed air audit […]

  • Should You Sign Up for a Compressor Maintenance Program?

    If your business relies on compressed air for any reason, it’s in your best interest to weight the pros and cons of signing up for a compressor maintenance program. For a small monthly or annual fee, your air compressor will be maintained by air compressor professionals who know exactly what it takes to keep your […]

  • Signs Your Air Compressor Needs to be Serviced

    Regardless of the size of your compressed air system, if you rely on compressed air for any reason related to your day-to-day business operations it’s important that you learn to recognize the signs of compressor trouble. As your air compressor goes out, it will run less efficiently and the performance output will drop, both of […]