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Choosing the Right Air Compressor in San Jose

Sizing a compressor for your business’ needs, production, and tasks will ensure you get the best industrial air compressor for your company. Whether you need a portable industrial air compressor, a two-stage air compressor, oilless air compressor or a rotary screw air compressor, we can help you choose the right air compressor in San Jose, CA. At D&D Compressor, Inc., we carry a wide selection of air compressors and parts, and we also offer protection and maintenance programs for everything we sell.
Right Air Compressor in San Jose

Types of Air Compressors in San Jose

Before buying an industrial air compressor, consider the different types of air compressors available for commercial and industrial use:


    • Reciprocating Air Compressor: This type of air compressor is the most widely used. It functions via an internal crankshaft which drives the pistons in the cylinders into a back-and-forth motion. This creates a vacuum, sucking in air and then pushing it into a tank. These industrial air compressors are hotter and louder than others, but also cost effective.
    • Rotary Air Compressor: These are used for heavy-duty purposes. The rotors don’t touch and there are fewer moving parts, so they require less maintenance over time.
  • Scroll Air Compressor: This type of air compressor scroll technology is completely oil-less, extremely quiet, and energy efficient. The scroll pump has a few moving parts, making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self-lubricating tip seals and absence of a gearbox mean the pump is truly 100% oil-free. As the leader in scroll pump technology, our latest design incorporates several innovative features.

Industrial Air Compressor Grades

The next factor you should consider when choosing the right air compressor for your needs is the grade of each air compressor you consider. Each grade is based on the compressor’s capacity and application, so it’s key to understand them to find the best air compressor for your needs.

  • Consumer grade air compressors should only be used in a house or small garage workshop as they can only handle low pressures and a single tool at a time.
  • Contractor grade air compressors are portable and often wheeled. They can be mounted on a cart or other small vehicle and allow you to work with small tools like nail guns on worksites.
  • Commercial air compressors offer a steady supply of compressed air, are powerful and heavy duty, and offer more features. They can power multiple tools continuously at a higher pressure and are used across industries.

Single Stage or Two Stage Compressor

Single stage air compressors are lower pressure, and models are smaller, so they are more easily transported. These are typically used for climate control applications like airbrushing. Two stage air compressors are used in manufacturing, auto shops, and factories to provide enough power to operate several tools at once. Their tank sizes can vary into the hundreds of gallons.

Air Compressor in San Jose

Industrial Air Compressor Capacity and Delivery

The capacity and delivery of your industrial air compressor will depend on:

  • PSI: A higher PSI provides more volume same pipe size dependent on your tank size.
  • CFM: How much air delivery you’ll get in cubic feet per minute. A higher CFM is recommended for use of multiple tools.
  • HP: The power produced by the air compressor’s motor. A higher horsepower produces greater CFM PSI.
  • Tank Size: A larger tank can hold a greater CFM when required.

Rotary Screw vs. Piston Air Compressors

While piston air compressors are used most often in auto shops and the automotive industry, they typically supply lower air output. They also are much noisier and hotter, consume more energy. A rotary screw air compressor is more reliable, produces better quality air, has a lower energy cost, and requires less maintenance over time.

Air Compressor Power Sources

You can typically choose between three different power sources for an industrial air compressor:

  • Electric: This is the most common type of air compressor power source. It is very quiet and can be used wherever there is sufficient electric supply or places where there is insufficient ventilation to support a petrol- or diesel-powered air compressor. They are less powerful and have restrictions on outdoor use. If you require a large capacity, you will need a 400V or 3-phase supply transformer, rendering your air compressor non-portable.
  • Diesel: These are portable, can still function outdoors in adverse weather conditions, and are heavy-duty and powerful. They require less maintenance, and the cost of fuel is lower. However, they are noisier.
  • And use precious fossil fuels.

Choose the Right Air Compressor Vendor or Manufacturer

If you’re ready to purchase an industrial air compressor in San Jose, come see us at D&D Compressor, Inc. We specialize in the sales, service, parts and rentals of the best air compressors and vacuum pumps in California. To learn more, contact us online.