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Oil-Free Industrial Air Compressors in San Jose

If your facility is interested in becoming more eco-friendly, you should consider purchasing a small air compressor in San Jose that operates oil-free. Oil-free industrial air compressors are both efficient and environmentally friendly. They consume less energy as they compress air, which puts less demand upon your facility’s resources. They also do not emit or produce any harmful or hazardous waste, making them incredibly green.

An oil-free industrial air compressor can improve your facility’s air quality, as well. Because they don’t use oil to operate, they won’t generate harmful emissions that can be dangerous to employee health. Your employees will remain happy, healthy, and productive while operating an oil-free air compressor. FS Curtis compressors, Powerex compressors, and Almig compressors are all available in oil-free models.

Oil contamination can slow down production and ruin products, which may mean that your facility has to operate for longer hours to make up the difference. This taxes environmental resources further, as you will need to run equipment, lighting, heating, and cooling systems for longer than usual, thus consuming more energy and releasing more pollution. An oil-free air compressor eliminates the risk of delays and product contamination.