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Compressor Maintenance

Industrial air compressors and other industrial equipment often use oil as a lubricant to lengthen the functional lifetime of compressors and other components. This means that any wastewater generated in a facility containing such equipment could become contaminated with oil during everyday practices. Oil-water separators are specialized equipment designed to separate a mixture of oil and water into its various components. This equipment functions much like the grease trap employed by restaurants—oil-water separation systems treat industrial wastewater that may contain petroleum-based contaminants, including air compressor oil near San Jose before this water can be flushed into a municipal sewer system for further treatment.

Whether your facility uses industrial air compressors or portable air compressor equipment, it’s important to ensure your wastewater is free of air compressor oil. An oil-water separation system will not only benefit your local municipality by removing contamination from your wastewater but help you avoid fines and other legal concerns associated with the quality of your waste as well.