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Energy-Saving TESEO Air Compressor Model

While your industrial air compressors near San Jose may pressurize the air in a relatively efficient manner, it is always wise to improve their efficiency whenever possible. Fortunately, there are tools and equipment you can use in conjunction with your compressors to save energy and enjoy substantially enhanced efficiency. TESEO has released one such piece of equipment called BY-PASS. Read on as we put the spotlight on the latest energy-saving BY-PASS from TESEO.

Individuals and corporations that want to increase their savings, decrease their carbon footprints and make the most of their air compressors might be interested in TESEO’s BY-PASS. Whereas a traditional steel installation may include four T-joints, the BY-PASS instead features two cross-joints. The BY-PASS is also made of aluminum, making it lighter and more economical. This configuration allows for better flow, less pressure drop, and greater energy efficiency. It is also rather compact, which frees up some space in your compressor room and helps to save you money on labor costs. The TESEO BY-PASS features fewer joints, a more compact design configuration, and a greater level of efficiency, making it a great choice for just about any compression room that needs an energy efficiency boost.