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Air Compressor Service & Repair in San Jose, CA

After you purchase an air compressor, your equipment will require routine maintenance in order to remain in peak operating condition. To ensure that your air compressor performs to its best potential, there are several maintenance tips to keep in mind. First, you should be sure to carefully read and review the air compressor manual. The manual will provide specific tips and tricks for maintaining your particular compressor model. To prevent corrosion in the compressor tank, you should also be sure to drain any condensation from the tank after each use. On a regular basis, you can also check the quality and condition of your compressor hoses, and also inspect the tightness of the fasteners. To make sure that your compressor parts are properly lubricated and cooled, you can change your air compressor oil regularly. A store offering air compressors near San Jose can provide you with all of the advice and services you need to take excellent care of your compressor.