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Air Compressor

Air compressor efficiency and lifetime depend on good maintenance and repair. By taking good care of your air compressors, you can enjoy greater returns on your investment and lower costs on air compressor repair in San Jose. Keep reading for a few simple tips you can use to extend the life of your portable or industrial air compressors.

Change the Oil Regularly

Air compressors use oil to remove heat from and facilitate movement as the compressor functions. One of the easiest ways to prolong the lifetime of your compressors is to change the air compressor oil regularly. Before changing the oil, turn your air compressor on for a few minutes to increase the temperature of the oil so it will drain more easily. When refilling air compressor oil, make sure to use an appropriate product for the type of air compression equipment you own.

Replace the Filter

Air compressors utilize a filter to screen particulate matter from the output flow of air. Over time, this filter can become clogged with dirt, dust, and other particles, affecting the performance of your compressor by reducing airflow and causing strain that may lead to overheating and other issues. Portable air compressor filters can be changed easily by removing the filter manually and replacing it with a new filter medium. Industrial air compressors may require the help of a technician to remove and replace the filter to ensure consistent air quality.

Address Repair Issues Quickly

When your air compressor experiences an issue, it’s important to schedule air compressor repair promptly. Over time, worn or damaged parts can cause further damage to your compressor, resulting in higher repair costs or even the need to replace the air compressor altogether. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure that your repair service uses the appropriate air compressor parts when it’s necessary to replace components during repair work. Working with a trusted air compressor repair professional will ensure issues are solved quickly and correctly for a longer air compressor lifetime.