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Air Impacts Food Quality

In addition to water, electricity, and gas, compressed air plays a significant role in modern food production. Currently, as much as 90% of the food production industry uses industrial air compressors to power equipment that includes instruments, actuators, conveyors, and other components of automated processing systems. Automated food production requires vigilant safety standards to ensure consistent food quality. Thus, it’s important to consider the quality of the compressed air used during this process and its influence on the quality of the food produced. Because the air created by compressors may come into direct contact with food or its packaging, both the air compressors and the air they create must be held accountable to safety standards as well. If you plan to purchase industrial air compressors or vacuum pumps near San Jose for any type of food production, it is essential to make sure the equipment you procure can be maintained to the necessary standards to protect the quality of the food produced and your consumers’ health and safety. Oil-free air compressors offer higher safety ratings because they lack air compressor oil, which could contaminate the compressed air used to process food.