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Air Compressor Waste Reduction in San Jose

Air compressors near San Jose typically consume a lot of energy, and can significantly increase a facility’s gas or electric bills. You can maximize the energy efficiency of your air compressor and reduce the need for air compressor repair parts by identifying energy drains in your air compressor system. Here are some great tips for finding ways to reduce waste in your air compressor system.

Plug up Any Leaks

Leaks in your electric air compressor or gas air compressor system can cost your facility an extra $10,000 per year in energy bills. Even a small air compressor leak can significantly decrease your air compressor’s efficiency. Air leaks can also cause a drop in pressure in the air compressor system, which means that the air compressor will have to consume more energy in order to work effectively. When you eliminate air leaks, you can also eliminate other energy drains throughout the air compressor system. You can perform a visual inspection of the air compressor line to identify leaks, and then perform necessary air compressor repairs.

Operate at the Lowest Pressure Possible

Another common factor in air compressor efficiency is the pressure at which the air compressor system is operating. Tools are often operated at a much higher pressure than is necessary in order to maintain a higher production rate. This will waste energy, and can even impair the production output. You can perform an energy audit or monitor data regularly to determine what a reasonable pressure rate is for the demand of the job.

Perform Timely Air Compressor Repairs

One of the best ways to ensure that your medical compressor, portable air compressor, or rotary air compressor is operating efficiently is to be proactive about air compressor repairs and inspections. You should have a professional inspect your air compressor line and system to identify areas of waste and in need of repair. High-quality air compressor repair parts are a necessary investment that can significantly improve an air compressor’s efficiency and function.