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Technician Working on Air Compressors

When you are operating an air compressor in a residential or medical setting, it may be important to choose a quiet air compressor. While many industrial air compressors can be very loud when they are in operation, a quiet air compressor will provide you with efficient operation with very little volume. Overall, many quiet air compressors are equipped with noise dampening technology that will ensure that their noise ratings do not exceed 75 decibels. By comparison, the average human conversation is at 60 decibels. By equipping your workshop or lab with one of these air compressors, you can rest assured that your employees are comfortable as they work, and that they do not suffer from hearing loss as a result of air compressor operation. To learn more about the portable and quiet air compressors that are available to you, be sure to visit a highly rated showroom offering air compressors for sale in San Jose.