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Pet Air Compressor Systems in San Jose

If you’re in the market for an industrial PET air compressor system in San Jose, you need to make sure that the solution you choose is capable of meeting your industrial or manufacturing needs. Air compressor solutions providers in the Bay Area can help you select the best system given your specific requirements, needs, and parameters, but in the meantime here are some factors to consider as you look for a PET air compressor system.

Air Quality

Air quality is a major concern for bottle-blowing companies, since the quality of the compressed air can affect bottle taste and odor. Although different PET air compressor systems offer different levels of air quality assurance, filtration should be one of your primary concerns when looking for a compressed air system. A multi-stage filtration system will help to ensure that air quality is maintained to ISO requirements for bottle-blowing operations.

Operation Hours

When selecting a PET air compressor, it’s important that you consider the number of hours the equipment will be running per year. Single-shift operation five days per week equates to approximately 2,000 hours annually, which is appropriate for smaller air-cooled units. For higher production hours, consider a larger water-cooled unit since they are better designed to put up with higher and more rigorous production demands.

Blow Pressure

There are multiple factors to consider when determining blow pressure requirements, including bottle design and machine speed, but you should also take maintenance and power costs into account. That’s because the higher the blow pressure, the more heat is generated within the PET air compressor—which means shorter maintenance intervals and higher power costs. An industrial air compressor solutions company in San Jose can help you select a PET compressed air system that provides optimal blow pressure while keeping maintenance and operating costs to a minimum.