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Rotary Screw Compressor

Manufacturing and processing plants don’t generate their own power, supply their own water, or deliver their own natural gas, so why shouldn’t they treat compressed air in a similar manner? Treating compressed air as a utility is a relatively new concept among the industrial and manufacturing industries, but those plants and facilities that have adopted compressed air as a utility model have enjoyed tremendous benefits. If you’re upgrading or upsizing your industrial air compressor system in San Jose, you might also want to consider the benefits of treating compressed air like a true utility and outsourcing the process.

Optimized Air Delivery

Compressed air “utility” companies will design a system specifically configured and calibrated for your plant’s load profile, which is achieved by measuring the free air delivery, load time, and total kWh of each of your air compressors. Optimized air delivery is the first step towards a more efficient air compressor system, which ultimately means lower operating costs.

Lower Operating Costs

Even after taking the fees into account for outsourcing compressed air as a utility, there are significant financial benefits to going this route. As mentioned previously, compressed air providers are able to achieve optimal air delivery to streamline compressor usage and yield significant energy savings compared to non-optimized air compressor systems. How much you stand to save depends on the size, type, and number of air compressors currently in use.

Less Overhead

In addition to lower operating costs, you also stand to save a considerable amount of money on maintenance and service costs. Outsourcing compressed air puts 100% of the associated service and maintenance costs on the compressed air company. Not only does this represent additional cost savings for your organization but also greater peace of mind that should any problems develop, air compressor service technicians will be there quickly to address the issue and get your plant up and running as quickly as possible.