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D&D Air Compressor, Inc.

When you are shopping for an air compressor for sale in San Jose, you will have many different models and styles to choose from. Among the most popular types of air, compressors are oil-free and gas-powered air compressor units. If you are seeking a highly efficient air compressor that is also friendly to the environment, you may want to consider purchasing an oil-free rotary screw compressor. This quiet and low maintenance air compressor will be a valuable addition to your workshop. Here is a closer look at how these types of air compressors work.

Intake of Outside Air

In order to create pressurized air for your use, the oil-free rotary screw air compressor must first take in air from the outside. To ensure that the internal components of the air compressor do not become dirty or clogged, this compressor is equipped with an air filter. The air filter is designed to remove dust and debris from the air. In order to control the amount of air that is let in, the compressor system contains an unloader valve.

Creation of Pressure

Once the air enters the internal components of the air compressor, it will become pressurized. The rotary screw in this type of air compressor is the component that creates the pressurization. As the screw rotates, it creates extremely high temperatures in the internal air. As the air heats up, it becomes highly pressurized and ready for use.

After Cooling

To ensure that the compressed air is not very hot when it leaves the compressor, the unit is equipped with an intercooler, which cools the air after it has been pressurized. The intercooler is also connected to a moisture trap, which collects any condensation that is created during the pressurization process. To prevent your oil-free rotary screw compressor from developing rust, it is crucial to remove moisture after every use.