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Industry Air Compressor in San Jose

If you are planning an upcoming construction or building project, chances are that you will rely on an air compressor to get the job done. Since air compressors can be equipped with a variety of tools and attachments, you can use your compressor for a variety of projects and operations. When you purchase a compressor in San Jose, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the compressor parts that are used in your equipment. By learning how air compressors work, you can get the most out of every project. Read on for a look at the parts behind an air compressor.

Motorized Pressure

At the heart of nearly every air compressor is a motorized system that is designed to generate pressurized air. Much like the engine in your car, the motor in an air compressor contains pistons, a crankshaft, and a valve head. As the engine combusts, it creates pressure in the air up to a predetermined level. This air is stored in a tank until you are ready to use it.

Automatic Pressure Switch

Many air compressors are equipped with automatic pressure switches. This component is designed to make sure that the pressurized air remains at the appropriate level. If the sensors in the switch detect that the air pressure is getting to high, the pressure switch will automatically shut the motor off. If the compressor is not in use, the automatic pressure switch can also activate a release valve.

Oil Lubrication

In order to ensure that the motor and other working parts remain in smooth working condition, air compressors are equipped with oil lubrication systems. Keeping oil in your air compressor is one of the most important steps of compressor maintenance. If you are using your air compressor for painting or finishing applications, you should also check to make sure that there is no oil in your airline.