Choosing Air Compressor Oil

The best way to choose the correct oil for your air compressor is to consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly. You can also ask your air compressor supplier or service technician for an oil recommendation. This video explains the different types of oils for air compressors as well as some of the factors that can determine the final choice, such as operating environments and end use applications.

Adding and changing oil is easy enough, but most other air compressor maintenance and repair services are best left to professionals. In the Bay Area, D&D Compressor, Inc. is your source for the highest quality air compressor services . From regularly scheduled maintenance to 24/7 emergency repair services, D&D Compressor, Inc. can keep your compressed air system up and running. Call D&D Compressor, Inc. at (408) 947-0491 to schedule air compressor repair or maintenance in the Bay Area.

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