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Automotive Nitrogen Generators in San Jose, CA

Nitrogen generators¬†are largely used today to inflate automotive tires with nitrogen, but they weren’t initially designed for use in the automotive industry. They were originally designed for use in laboratory and cleanroom environments, but as more and more uses for nitrogen have been found the variety of applications have greatly expanded. In addition to automotive use, nitrogen generators are used in food manufacturing to prolong product lifetime, as an antioxidant in semi-conductor and electric circuit manufacturing, and for the transportation and transfer of hydrocarbons in the petroleum industry. For high-purity nitrogen demand, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators provide up to 99.99% pure N2.

If you currently use an air separation nitrogen production system, consider substituting your old, outdated equipment with a new PSA nitrogen generator. An industrial air compressor supplier in San Jose can tell you more about the latest nitrogen generators and the benefits of installing a nitrogen generator as opposed to buying bottled or liquefied nitrogen.