• Get to Know the FS-Curtis Series Reciprocating Compressors

    The FS-Curtis CT Series reciprocating air compressor is, in short, a game changer. With features you would expect from a much more expensive air compressor, the FS-Curtis CT Series and its affordable price point delivers the reliability and performance you need for much less than you would expect to pay. Watch this video to learn what separates the FS-Curtis Series reciprocating compressor apart from the competition, including the most robust pump in its class.

    FS-Curtis is just one of the many quality air compressor manufacturers today, and reciprocating air compressors are just one of the many different types available for commercial and industrial use. To learn more about the different brands and types of air compressors , and for help deciding which one is best for your business and your specific air compressor needs, contact an air compressor supplier in San Jose. D&D Compressor, Inc. carries top-of-the-line air compressors from the best and most trusted names in the industry.

  • The Steps of Adjusting Your Pressure Switch

    When you are using an electric air compressor, you may need to adjust your pressure switch. While some industrial air compressors have adjustable switches, others do not. If your rotary air compressor has a screw or nut on its pressure switch, you will be able to adjust your pressure settings. By moving the screw to the right or left, you can dial in the precise amount of pressure that is put out by your system. To learn more about operating industrial air compressors , be sure to get in touch with a company offering air compressor parts near San Jose. For a closer look at the steps of adjusting your compressor’s pressure switch, check out this video from Master Tool Repair.

  • The Steps of Adjusting an Air Compressor Regulator

    When you purchase an air compressor , it is important to familiarize yourself with all of its components. For example, your air tools may require different pressures in order to operate efficiently. To ensure that your compressor is at the right pressure, you can use the regulator to adjust the pressure levels. By turning the knob to different pressure settings, you can set your unit to work properly with all of your compressor parts. When you are shopping for a new air compressor in San Jose, be sure to contact a company that offers an extensive inventory of compressors. To take a look at the steps of adjusting an air compressor regulator, watch this video from expertvillage.