• Tips for Choosing a Quiet Air Compressor

    In certain industries, it is particularly valuable to utilize a quiet air compressor in San Jose. Medical compressors and portable air compressors in particular should be quiet air compressors. Small air compressors tend to be quieter, as do air compressors that contain energy-efficient compressor parts. It’s not impossible to find a quiet air compressor that also generates enough power to operate as an effective industrial air compressor for your facility.

    The noise level of air compressors is measured in decibels, and most industrial air compressors operate at decibels between 40 and 90. Air compressors that operate at high decibels can cause hearing damage and even hearing loss, so it’s important to choose a quiet compressor that operates at the lowest decibel level possible. A quiet air compressor is one that operates at decibel levels below 75.

    In general, the lowest decibel level that you can find for an industrial air compressor is 60. You should shop around at different air compressor stores for air compressors for sale to find one that has a low decibel level. Most air compressors for sale have information available about their decibel level. Tips for Choosing a Quiet Air Compressor in San Jose

  • Tips for Choosing Air Compressor Repair Parts

    When your air compressor stops working efficiently and is in need of air compressor repair, it’s important to choose the appropriate air compressor repair parts in San Jose . The right air compressor repair parts will ensure that your portable air compressor, medical compressor, or industrial air compressor operates efficiently. Here are some great tips for choosing air compressor repair parts for your air compressor’s repair. Tips for Choosing Air Compressor Repair Parts in San Jose

    Make Sure They are Energy-Efficient

    When buying air compressor repair parts, you have the opportunity to purchase replacement air compressor parts that are energy-efficient. Because your industrial air compressor utilizes so much energy, your energy bills are probably significant. You can reduce your energy bills and still maintain efficiency in your facility by opting for energy-efficient air compressor parts, such as a vacuum pump, air compressor motor, variable speed drive, and air compressor pressure switch.

    Make Sure They Match the Size and Use of Your Air Compressor

    The air compressor repair parts that you select must be appropriate for the size and use of your air compressor. You shouldn’t choose a huge air compressor tank or air compressor vacuum when you have a small air compressor, or you will overwhelm your air compressor system and use more energy than necessary. You should also choose air compressor repair parts that correlate to the primary use of your air compressor. An industrial air compressor should contain the most energy-efficient air compressor parts available. A medical compressor should have compressor parts that are in line with the standards of the medical industry.

    Don’t Just Choose the Least Expensive Air Compressor Repair Parts

    It’s important that you not simply choose the air compressor repair parts that are least expensive. You get what you pay for when buying compressor parts. When possible, buy new air compressor repair parts rather than rehabilitated compressor parts, as they are more reliable and durable. You should also buy air compressor parts from a reputable seller who offers compressor parts and air compressors for sale from top brands and manufacturers.

  • How to Use an Air Compressor Pressure Switch

    It’s important to know how to properly operate all of your air compressor’s parts in San Jose in order to maintain your facility’s safety. Your air compressor pressure switch allows you to control the amount of air pressure that is used by the air compressor while completing a job. If you know how to use it correctly, you can reduce the amount of energy required by your air compressor to do simpler jobs, and thus save money on the facility’s energy bills.

    When you use a small air compressor or portable air compressor, you might not have an air compressor pressure switch. Larger industrial air compressors, as well as rotary air compressors, typically contain an air compressor pressure switch. When an air compressor operates at low pressure, a large spring connected to the air compressor pressure switch prevents the air compressor’s membrane from moving upwards, thus keeping the electrical contacts closed.

    When an industrial air compressor operates at a high air pressure, the force of the spring is not enough to keep the membrane down. The air pressure’s force pushes the membrane up so the electrical contacts remain open. Air Compressor Pressure Switch by D & D Compressor, Inc.

  • The Steps of Optimizing Pneumatics for Automotive Facilities

    Your industrial air compressor in San Jose utilizes a significant amount of energy, and contributes greatly to the overall cost of running your facility. By optimizing pneumatics in your automotive facility, you can make your industrial air compressor more energy-efficient . Here are some simple steps for optimizing pneumatics in your automotive facility by replacing some key air compressor parts. Steps of Optimizing Pneumatics for Automotive Facilities in San Jose

    Install a Variable Frequency Drive in Your Industrial Air Compressor

    When your industrial air compressor operates via a simple on and off control switch, you might be utilizing more energy than necessary. You can reduce the energy needed and maximize efficiency by installing an air compressor part like a variable frequency drive or variable speed drive. A variable speed drive allows the air pressure in your air compressor to remain stable while the required air flow is supplied. It also reduces the amount of air compressor motor starts and air compressor repairs, and extends the lifetime of the air compressor’s motor.

    Install an Energy-Efficient Motor

    Another key way to optimize the pneumatics of the industrial air compressor in your automotive facility is to install an energy-efficient motor. For small air compressors, the motor is not as integral a part of maintaining energy-efficiency as it is in larger, industrial air compressors. A reluctance motor is incredibly energy-efficient, and combined with a variable frequency drive or variable speed drive, it can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills. In fact, for larger industrial air compressors, an energy-efficient motor might be the most important air compressor part.

    Install a New Air Compressor Pressure Switch

    You can save significant power when you are able to run your air compressor in a more efficient operation mode. You can upgrade your air compressor pressure switch to allow you to adjust the air pressure that is utilized based upon the type of job you are doing. For short-term, less intensive jobs, you can operate your industrial air compressor at a lower pressure.

  • Air Compressor Best Practices

    To ensure that your gas air compressor or electric air compressor in San Jose is operating safely at its maximum efficiency, it’s important to understand air compressor best practices. You must inspect your industrial air compressor regularly to determine if it needs air compressor repair. You should purchase air compressor repair parts from a reputable air compressor salesman. You should also know how to operate all air compressor parts safely and effectively.

    Watch this video to learn more about air compressor best practices. You’ll learn how to clean your air compressor tank, change your air compressor’s oil, maintain your compressor parts, and determine if you need air compressor repair parts.

  • Testing Compressed Air Contaminants

    Regular testing and maintenance will ensure that your portable air compressor, medical compressor, or industrial air compressor in San Jose is in perfect working order. Compressed air contaminants can degrade your air compressor parts, and significantly affect your air compressor’s productivity and your product quality. Here is some information about compressed air contaminants, and tips for testing your air compressor and determining if you need air compressor repair parts. Testing Compressed Air Contaminants in San Jose

    Learning About Common Air Compressor Contaminants

    Comprehensive air compressor testing should identify all possible air compressor contaminants. There are ten possible contaminants that can affect your air compressor’s parts and necessitate air compressor repair. These must be completely removed from low-pressure or small air compressors that are utilized in manufacturing. Contaminant particles include particles from atmospheric dirt and pipe scale, as well as wear particles. Water and oil contaminants include vapor, liquids, and aerosol. Your medical air compressor or industrial air compressor is also susceptible to microorganism contaminants.

    Standardizing Your Air Compressor Testing

    It’s important to standardize your air compressor testing to maintain efficient, safe, and clean air compressors. Air compressor testing should be performed according to the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization, or the ISO. The ISO outlines these standards in ISO 8573-1, a document that can be found on the organization’s website. This document addresses the testing and monitoring of compressed air from portable air compressors, medical compressors, industrial air compressors, gas air compressors, electric air compressors, and rotary air compressors. It consists of nine sections that outline air compressor purity classes, contaminants, sampling methods, analytical techniques, testing methods, and purity standards.

    Establishing a Monitoring Program

    In addition to regularly testing your air compressor’s contaminant levels, you must also monitor the air used in the manufacturing process. This ensures that fewer contaminants have the ability to enter your industrial air compressor in the first place. You should diagram your air compressor parts and system, document air compressor maintenance and air compressor repair parts, and perform air quality testing in your facility over a period of time.