Centrifugal Air Compressors 101

When you are shopping for industrial air compressors , the rotary air compressor is among the most common styles of air compressors that will be available to you. A rotary air compressor uses a process of positive displacement to create pressurized air. At the opposite end of the air compressor spectrum is the centrifugal air compressor. Centrifugal air compressors rely on the principles of dynamic compression to deliver pressurized air for all of your needs. As air is sent through an impeller, its velocity slows, which in turn increases its pressure. If you are working in an industry that requires very specific power and pressure loads, a centrifugal compressor may offer the precision you need to get the most out of your operations. In addition, a centrifugal air compressor may offer you energy savings in the long term. For answers to your questions about the different types of air compressors, be sure to contact a company offering industrial air compressors in San Jose.

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